Special Executive Health Check - up

Clinical PathologyBiochemistry, Immunology
HemogramTumor MarkersLiver profile
HemoglobinProstate Specific AntigenTotal Protein
WBC CountMetabolic profileAlbumin
PlateletsFasting Plasma GlucoseGlobulin
ESRTotal CholesterolBilirubin
Blood Group & RhHDL CholesterolAST, ALT
Urine AnalysisLDL CholesterolGamma GT
Glucose, ProteinTriglyceridesAlk: Phosphatase
MicroscopyUric AcidHBs Antigen
Stool AnalysisSodiumKidney Profile
Occult BloodPotassiumBlood, Urea
MicroscopyCalciumCreatinine, TSH
Radiology & ImagingHeart/Lung Status
X – ray of ChestECGTread Mill Test
Ultrasound Scans of AbdomenEchocardiographyPulmonary Function Tests

Cardiologist consultation, Nephrologist consultation, if indicated.


The package simplifies health check for you. Make a prior appointment by calling our Public Relations Officer on the phone (Nos. 0484-2701032,2701033) Arrive at the hospital on the appointed day at 7.30 AM on empty stomach. Our PR Officer will smooth your way through Lab Investigations, X-ray, Ultrasound Scan, ECG, Echocardiography, Tread Mill Test and other specialty tests. Once these are completed, breakfast will be served for you. Afterwards you may rest for a while in the Special Executive Room. Our physician will then take your clinical history and give you a thorough physical examination. If there is suspicion of any health problems, you will be referred to the required departments.